Reduced-level excavation panels


Reduced-level excavation panels

[info-tooltip]Get these if you’ve decided on a reduced-level excavation
scaled down (see guide).
Number of panels required based on patio size:
12ft x 12ft patio: 33
12ft x 16ft patio: 43
12ft x 20ft patio: 53
12ft x 24ft patio: 63 
16ft x 16ft patio: 56
16ft x 20ft patio: 69 
16ft x 24ft patio: 83
20ft x 20ft patio: 86 
20ft x 24ft patio: 102
24ft x 24ft patio: 122
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Exterior dimensions :

Width 48" – 121.9 cm

Length 48" – 121.9 cm

Height (without grill) 17.5" – 44.5 cm


Base – 16 blocks

Edging – 8 crowns

No cutting required

Steel spark arrestor (high temperature paint) included

16-gauge black steel bowl (high temperature paint) included

Bottom grid for good air circulation – to keep bottom clear

*Assembly not included (but it’s super easy to put together!)

Weight :

2040 lbs